Alternative Medicine


I am a firm believer that we should all have the right to, and have access to integrative, alternative, and homeopathic treatment in addition to the choice of  Western Medicine. How can we make the best decisions for our health care if we are not armed with informed choices of safe, natural alternative treatments available to us?

I support cannabis oil use, use of flower, edibles, teas, tinctures, butters, salves, vaping, suppositories, essential oil therapies, massage therapy, aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, supplements, herbal medicinals, acupuncture, you name it.  If it can help you achieve and or maintain a healthy you, I hope to bring you the latest information on it.

From therapies, to new treatments, routes of delivery, to the law and how it effects you and your medicine.  Michigan adults 21+ are allowed to possess, grow, and consume recreational cannabis as well.  Check out my blog post about how to get your Medical Cannabis card here in Michigan.  All cannabis is medicinal!

Wishing you health and happiness.


*I live in Michigan which is a Medical and Recreational Marijuana state. I am a licensed medical marijuana card holder. Please check your states local laws and regulations when it comes to possessing and consuming medical cannabis. Hopefully, some day soon, no one will need a permit to have or access one of the most medicinal herbs on the planet.
No one should go to jail for a plant. 🌱💪💚