Breast Implant Illness

In 2020, the FDA finalized labeling guidance for breast implant manufacturers. Including the Black Box Warning informing patients that the products have been associated with development of a type of cancer of the immune system.

I am a 7 year multiple Breast Cancer survivor. I am also a Breast Implant Illness survivor of almost 2 years.
In my journey back to good health after surviving chemotherapy, and multiple surgeries, I discovered that it was my breast implants that were making me very ill. This learning process, and the knowledge that I have gained has inspired me to advocate for better informed consent laws, and to help others trying to navigate through the symptoms and the specialists. I had constant pain and physical discomfort from the time that my expanders were placed prior to breast implant reconstruction. I experienced constantly moving ribs, muscle pain and spasms, neck, shoulder, back and hip pain. I had debilitating fatigue. The painful spasms and moving ribs are what sent me over the edge. I had to get those things out of me. Much to my surprise, upon explant, many symptoms went away the very day of surgery. Symptoms that were blamed on my chemotherapy and multiple other reasons.

Less than a year after explant I had changes in my blood pressure. Just as sudden as my unexplained chronic hypertension mysteriously came on after implant placement, it had disappeared. For real, a true miracle. 210/110 blood pressure readings are no joke. I am very blessed that I didn’t have a stroke. Now I am off 4 of the 5 prescriptions that I was previously taking for my out of control blood pressures. I am hopeful that it will stay stable. My cardiologist made reference to possibly getting off of the last bp med that I am on now. A recent heart monitor reading showed no signs of heart palpitations! Gone! My 24-7 hot flashes disappeared. My all night long night sweats gone. I could FINALLY take a real breath again. My nasty chemical, dirty money body odor that I couldn’t even wash off. Gone. So many other symptoms have disappeared or gotten better as well. 100% improvement in my quality of life.

Unfortunately, many things are not better, especially the cognitive symptoms, ear and eye problems, *heart palpitations, heat and cold intolerance, over stimulation, balance and vertigo issues. All still present. Along with a list of heavy metals that I am now full of. I had autoimmune diagnosis’s prior to cancer or implants, so I was not expecting miracles. I just wanted the spasms and moving ribs to stop. But, I did have miracles happen after all.

Soon, there will be Breast Implant Illness posts on this site to help you navigate through the uncertainty of BII.
Commonly asked questions, legislative news, where to report adverse symptoms and reactions, other helpful BII websites and social media groups.
I look forward to helping you get your life, and your health back.

Many blessings to all.✨

Dawn Ann

▪️UPDATE: Recently, I wore another heart monitor to check my palpitations. I knew they were much better. It turns out that no heart palpitations were found on my report! Just small atrial flutters were noted! Another symptom gone! Hopefully this will be long term. So thankful to have removed those toxic implants. (3-38-2021) Dawn Ann