Where Can I Find Breast Implant Illness Information and Support ?

Breast Implant Illness Resources

First Light, A Healing Way wants you to have the resources that you need on your path to recover your health. I am sharing my favorite websites and links for BII information and support, BIA-ALCL support, and reporting.

Healing Breast Implant Illness, The Heal Is Real, Tara Hopko, the Breast Implant Safety Alliance, and Dangerous Implants websites all have valuable information to assist you on your journey. You can find the website links to each site below the collage.

Informative BII Videos:



You can also find most of these websites on Facebook.
In addition to the pages Healing Breast Implant Illness, Breast Implant Safety Alliance, The Heal is Real, and Breast Implant Fitness and Healing With Nicole, there are many other BII groups available.

‼️Please remember to check the Files section for each Facebook group to find the specific information that you may be looking for.‼️

Each state should have a state wide, or regional group available in your location. If not, try to find the next closest group if that is what you’re looking for. Or better yet, start a new group for your state or region. My local group for the state of Michigan is Breast Implant Illness Support & Information of Michigan.

If you have already had explant surgery, had flat closure after mastectomy, or thinking of going flat there are groups for you too! My favorite flattie group on Facebook is called Fierce, Flat, Forward. It is a support group for women at different points of their breast cancer journey who are either flat, going flat, or wanting research/explore “living the flat life”-whether or not they choose to present as such in their daily lives. It is for the survivor, the previvor, and for newly diagnosed. It is for the reconstructed, and the deconstructed, the implanted and then explanted, the revisioned and revised, and the re-re-vised. The name says it all. There are also other awesome support groups called Flatties Unite, Flat Closure Now, and the Itty Bitty Breast Implant Illness Support and Advocacy.

If you are having problems with your implants, please report this to your surgeon, your general practitioner, the implant manufacturing company, and to the FDA MedWatch: Consumer Voluntary Reporting. Reporting is so important for multiple reasons. Below you will find information that will help you in doing this. If you see multiple specialists for your conditions, I highly recommend reporting to them all as well.

If you have not registered with your implant manufacturer, I highly recommend that you do so ASAP. Even if you don’t have plans to remove them. This keeps you in their system. You can also file a report there. If you have troubles, try to speak directly to an operator. They will file a report for you. They should send a copy of the report to you as well.

Please encourage the plastic surgeon that removes your breast implants to also report any adverse effects to the NBIR or National Breast Implant Registry. If a patient tests positive for BIA-ALCL, the surgeon should also make a BIA-ALCL profile for the patient.

Keep in mind that Allergan was formerly McGhan and then Inamed, and Mentor is now owned by Johnson & Johnson. Sientra is also a U.S. based company that purchased the license to market Brazillian made Silimed implants in the United States.

Links and Phone Numbers
* https://www.fda.gov/safety/medical-product-safety-information/medwatch-forms-fda-safety-reporting#603c010e83c9f
* mentordirect.com
* https://www.allergan.com/contact

Allergan Inc. (800) 624-4261 or (800) 972-9378

-I will be posting additional blog pages concerning breast implants that have been recalled, En-Bloc explant surgeons, legislation, symptoms, why it is so important to remove the entire capsule, and other valuable information and links to assist you on your healing journey.

Many Blessings to all.

Dawn Ann