Welcome to First Light!

If you have found this website, chances are that you, or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, are dealing with cancer, breast implant illness, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, or are recovering from and surviving cancer, or taking care of a loved one living with cancer or chronic illness.  Not a prerequisite, but that is exactly why we are here to share with you on your healing journey.

No one should walk alone.  Any positive, useful information is of value when you are talking about quality of life. Cancer and survivorship can be a tough row to hoe!  Breast Implant Illness can make you have symptoms of dementia, and make you feel crazy.  You’re not crazy!  Why go it alone?  Welcome to the club that no one signs up for, but many become stronger after joining.  Spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Maybe a different strength then you knew before, but stronger nonetheless. A club of amazing warriors.

Perhaps you are here for natural remedies, ways to reduce inflammation, healthier diet choices, or information about medical cannabis, and how it has helped me survive my cancer journey thus far.  I live in Michigan, which thank goodness, is a medical cannabis state.  I truly feel it saved and is still saving my life.  
Whatever the reason, welcome!