~Please be patient as we get back up and running!


You may know us from Facebook as With The Crack of Dawn.  Our previous webpage of two years was of the same name as well.  We are now named First Light, A Healing Way.  

We still plan on keeping you on a healthier path by sharing natural remedies, survivorship, breast cancer information, integrative/alternative treatments and therapies, advocacy, health and diet, and my personal journey with the ugly beast called breast cancer.

From prior to diagnosis, through treatment and surgery, my experience with cannabis oil in my cancer treatment, to surviving 7 years out from bilateral HER2+ cancer treatment with no evidence of active disease. I am still working on getting my health, and life back.  

I am on an integrative treatment path.  I also have inflammatory arthritis, autoimmune disease, and now BII from the implants placed during my breast cancer reconstruction. They have since been removed, and many chronic symptoms have went away, improved, and/or are still improving.

Unfortunately I still suffer from many other chronic health conditions. I have a huge concentration of various toxic heavy metals. Every day I have greens in my smoothie that help with detoxification.  I do not take Aromatase Inhibitors or Tamoxifen post cancer. I treat myself preventively with healthy living, an army of organic foods, smoothies (Including anti-cancer foods that I will share in a separate post.), gentle detoxing, alkaline water, massage therapy, and medical cannabis oil.

Through all of the trials a diagnosis brings, there are so very many blessings as well!  Silver linings are the things that get me through the darker chapters of this journey.  Thank goodness for this! Always look on the bright side and try to stay positive. Give yourself the time to be angry, sad, shocked….you name it. But don’t stay there.  I always try to remind myself that this too, is temporary.  

We are looking forward to bringing you useful, and interesting information! Thanks again for stopping by! More to come friends……

God bless you all on your journey.✨

Dawn Ann


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