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Welcome to my breast cancer journey…

Hello. Thanks for checking out my site. This blog is here in hopes of helping others. So you or someone you love can have an easier journey through cancer or chronic illness, and everyday health tips as well. I am a former expanded functions dental assistant of over twenty years. R.D.A., C.D.A., E.F.D.A.; specializing in implant surgery and restorative dentistry. I have served on every board position in my local dental organizations, including President for many years. I was also in charge of OSHA in my practice and hazardous waste management. Hobbies included playing in competitive volleyball and softball, gardening, rollerblading, fishing, boating, you name it. I have wonderful daughters that make my life amazing. And I have an amazing partner that joined me during this journey, that has been a god send and the best support person and love of my life. In 2014, I noticed a “fibrocystic lump” that was hanging around longer than normal. I watched it closely as I always had and figured it would disappear like most of them did. It did not disappear. On the eve of my 40th birthday, after a normal workout, I suddenly had a huge lump protruding from my right breast. Perhaps more than one, I could not tell. With a family history such as mine, I knew this was not a good change. It was painful to touch and even radiated pain from the mass area. It was also […]

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