First Light, A Healing Way Is Now On Clubhouse!

SURVIVOR SANCTUARY is our new Club name on Clubhouse. Our Club looks like this. ⬆️

Would you like to connect on another level? First Light, A Healing Way is now on Clubhouse. We would love to have you join us for discussions in SURVIVOR SANCTUARY.

If you would like to join us in SURVIVOR SANCTUARY and are not on the application yet, click the link below to BYPASS the invite process and join our Club room!

➡️ 🎉

Clubhouse lets people connect from all around the world. You find your interests, and then go find and participate in conversations involving anyone from Ricki Lake and Justine Bateman, to Snoop Dogg. You will be able to choose your people, and Club interests to get started. Clubhouse rooms and chats are presented by app users, so literally any topic could be on the agenda.

You can find me, Dawn Ann on Clubhouse @phoenixfire710.

➡️ 🔥💃🏻🔥

If you put a few keywords into your search it will be easier to find other like minded members. For example: breast cancer, breast implant illness, cannabis, etc. I put these descriptions in my bio page specifically for people to find me easier. Nothing in your bio? Don’t want to toot your own horn? I learned quickly that this is one of the key ways to let people find you, and what you have to offer. This is the reason why you need to get some information in there. Having little to no information doesn’t put your interests in the search bar. Unless….you don’t want to be found, which I totally respect. But I would love to chat sometime.

Once you get a feel for the application, you can host your own rooms with topics that are important to you, and that can build your network or business. I have heard it described as Linkedin on steroids. I agree, but it also has a much more personal level of connection through having real conversations. No videos, no posts, just your profile picture and voices.

SURVIVOR SANCTUARY will be hosting rooms to chat about various topics such as Breast Implant Illness; aka Bii, Breast Cancer and All Cancers, Medicinal Cannabis, Integrative Cancer Treatment Methods, Cannabis Oil Success Stories, Chronic Illness, Detoxification, Advocacy, Healthy Living, Growing, and Gardening. Because plants are medicine.

I will be having fellow survivors, patients, advocates, doctors, and experts in their field on our panels and stage to help answer your questions, offer resources, or lend support.

At this time, Clubhouse is available on ipad, iphone, and android. 🎉


Now keep in mind, these conversations are taking place without a live video. If you are not a speaker, moderator, or on the stage there are no worries of anyone hearing your crazy kiddos in the background either. You can sit back and listen, or you can participate on whatever level is good for you at the moment. You could be cooking dinner, resting in bed, or sitting on the toilet. Hahaha… one will know.

Once you are on stage you will want to automatically mute your microphone so everyone in the room doesn’t hear you while the other speakers are talking. You can do this by tapping the microphone icon to turn it off. If you would like to join the conversation, you can do so by raising your hand. A moderator will bring you up to the stage if the discussion or time permits. *Again, be sure to mute your mic until you are invited by a moderator to speak. Then you can simply tap the microphone and turn your mic on, or your moderator will do it for you.

An example of a room room in SURVIVOR SANCTUARY.

Some rooms only have one speaker or moderator, and others might have many different moderators. Moderation styles can vary depending on personal choice, or be based on the room size as well.

➡️ Please join us this Monday, May 3rd at 8:00pm EST on Clubhouse to discuss
Breast Implant Illness: Survivor Success Stories in SURVIVOR SANCTUARY.
We will be learning about publicist and Bii survivor, Alli Rodriguez’s story of overcoming breast implant illness. We will also have discussion, legislative updates, and Q & A. I hope to see you there.


Use the link above to add this discussion to your calendar.

We will be hosting discussions at least every two weeks, health permitting. So be sure to give us a follow!

Wishing you the best of health.

Dawn Ann

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