Bii Awareness Shirts! Available For A Limited Time.

Here is the link to get yours! ▶️

Are you a breast cancer survivor that has been affected by your breast implants used for reconstruction?
Did you explant to fierce and flat? I did too!

After explant surgery I realized that the “safe” implants placed upon doctor recommendation after my bilateral breast cancers, were actually contributing to my many chronic health issues. I know this because many symptoms surprisingly disappeared the very day of explant! Weeks, and still months after explant, I still continue to improve. My mysterious chronic blood pressure issues have all but disappeared. I am regaining energy. I look like myself again! I see little improvements here and there. I am still dealing with many other chronic health issues, and fighting to slowly regain my health.
I know that many other women are experiencing personal health emergencies as well. You ARE NOT ALONE. I want EVERYONE to know the dangers of breast implants! I am shouting from the rooftops!
It may not knowingly affect every breast implant patient, but even the chance it can happen to one, let alone thousands is enough to let patients know what could happen to them.

Shirts come in a ladies cut, or sleeveless tank style.

Nobody should go through this completely preventable illness, and in some cases cancer. If we can save one person from going through this breast implant related medical crisis, we can save thousands.

Please join me in spreading awareness. Share with your loved ones, and feel free to share in your groups. Spreading the truth is essential to ending this preventable, systemic chronic illness.

I had these BII shirts made for an awareness campaign, right at my hometown print shop. Along with many other strong survivors harmed by their breast implants, I am working on an Informed Consent For Breast Implant Bill in the state of Michigan. Due to overwhelming response, they are offering a limited time online store where you can get your own comfy shirts to spread your message! The back of the shirts say “Ask Me About BII.” These are comfy, affordable, to the point, and cute too. 😘💪👚

🕰 This is a limited time online store especially for these shirts. They will collect your orders over the next week and a half, and then they will close the online shop. The shirts will be printed and shipped the week after it closes. Again, here is the link to get yours, or to order one for your favorite survivor/advocate.


If you live in the state of Michigan, I ask you to please contact your local state representative and let them know that you would like their support for Representative Julie Calley’s upcoming Breast Implant Informed Consent Bill.

Tell them your story, your loved ones story, you can even tell them my story. I was harmed by breast implants. They were not ruptured. There were no visible problems seen via MRI. Breast implant illness has been worse than my breast cancer treatments and symptoms.

Patients deserve true informed consent prior to making any surgical decisions. Please help us save lives, and preserve quality of life for all patients.

Many blessings to you all!

Dawn Ann

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